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Carretera Masaya

Description: This area has become one of great growth not only commercially but also in the realm of residential properties. With the advantage of the last upgrades to the highway (4 lane road) this area has grown tremendously in the last 10 years.

Address: This area covers everything from km 9 to km 14 and includes such neighborhoods as Urbinzacion Madrid, Campo Bello, Sacuanjoche, Esquipulas, Portal del Sol and Plaza Veracruz.


Bodega Esquipulas

12,380 ft2 (1150 m2) warehouse. has a second story that adds 8612 esta feet.

Rent Price: $1,800 Monthly

CRM 0306 JL

3 bedroom fully furnished house located on km 13 less than a km from C. Masaya

Sale Price: $210,000

CRM 0052 CH

Very nice list to live in it, with central air-conditioning and bedroom wooden floors

Sale Price: $110,000

Parque Colonial Los Robles

Small Office

Rent Price: $950 Monthly

Carretera Masaya R5

Modern construction, with lots of available parking and all the comforts.

Rent Price: $550 Monthly

Casa Ticuantepe

House located outside town very fresh climate.

Sale Price: $180,000

CRM 0239 AH

Functioning business, turn key ready. 2 building complex with aparking lot for over 30 vehicles.

Sale Price: $480,000

Camino de Oriente Modulo

Comercial space 108 mt2.

Rent Price: $12 Monthly

Planes de Altamira I

House with a future high value potencial, in a safe and centrally located neighborhood.

Sale Price: $280,000

Casita y Lote el Raizon

On the outskirts of Managua, with one bedroom wooden house

Sale Price: $147,000